If you have found your way to this blog, welcome!  Please use it to leave feedback and (constructive) comments about the Gwynedd Archaeological Trust’s searchable Historic Environment Record website, Archwilio.  Please also feel free to get in touch to ask questions about Archwilio.

Or why not just use the site to let us know of anything else relating to the historic environment you think we should be aware of!


15 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Andy Burnham Says:

    Hello, excellent new resource for the whole of Wales. Please can you add a search by OS map reference, eg two letters + digits

  2. Ann Bierd Says:


    Great site,I was disappointed to see all the burnt mounds and Parc Y Gleision standing stone but no reference to the wonderful Hill Fort of Carreg Y Fran. Is this because the site is new?There is plenty of information about this site

    • henebher Says:

      Hi Ann,
      The Gwynedd HER has a lot of information on Carreg-y-Fran hillfort available through Archwilio. The PRN is 3688. Hope that helps!

  3. Ann Bierd Says:

    Sorry I was asking if the omission was because the Web (site) is new


  4. Eric Guile Says:

    What a fantastic resource, useful and informative, one of the best sites on the web. Thank you.


  5. Beryl Griffiths Says:

    Llongyfarchiadau ar Archwilio. Fe welais gyfeiriad at Fedd y Cawr yng Nghwm Cynllwyd, Llanuwchllyn ac yn ôl y nodiadau nid yw’n hysbys lle’r oedd, ac yn sicr nid yw lle mae’r marcer melyn ar y map. Yn ei lyfr ‘Straeon Cwm Cynllwyd’ mae Simon Jones yn disgrifio lleoliad y bedd fel hyn – ‘Rhiwbarfe ydi’r ffridd sydd oddi tanom, rhwng Nant Gors-wen a Nant Tan-y-bwlch…….Dechreusant ymladd ar ben y rhiw, a threiglasant i lawr yng ngyddfau’i gilydd nes cyrraedd y gwaelod lle lladdodd Arthur Rhita a’i gladdu yno wrth ymyl ffynnon y cawr. Mae ei fedd i’w weld yno eto yn garnedd bum llath o hyd, ond fod peth ohono wedi’i dirio. Roedd yn gyfan tan tua 1920 pan aeth cymeriad rhyfygus o’r enw Jack Six ati i’w gloddio…. td 14

  6. Beryl Griffiths Says:

    Biti nad ydych wedi medru ymateb i’m sylwadau uchod – mae’n ymddangos bod cyfathrebu yn y Gymraeg yn broblem!

    It is very unfortunate that you have not responded to my comments above, should I take it that Welsh comments are unacceptable? My enquiry today is regarding another site in the Llanuwchllyn area, a site we call Trefurych – it can be seen clearly on your map and there is a detailed description of it in the History of Merioneth – but no reference at all here.

    Its to the North of the sites labelled at Penaran.

  7. Mary Says:

    The house at Cwm Bychan dates back to the early 16 centuary, not the 17c as you have recorded. The original part of the house was built by Dai Llwyd, who faught at Bosworth Field with the Lancastrians. He was the 3rd son of Howel, Lord of Nannau.

  8. Eflyn Owen-Jones Says:

    Brilliant aerial of Llyn Cerrig Bach, but is it possible to have it labelled and also to come up in “search”?

    • henebher Says:

      Thanks for your comment. The aerial images provide background mapping for the searches only. We are pleased they are of sufficient quality! Llyn Cerrig Bach is of course one of the most important hoards found in Wales and the information should be available to users of Archwilio. However, at the moment we do not provide information regarding findspots (ie those records that are simply archaeological objects and location of where they were found) because they are potentially sensitive.

  9. Eflyn Owen -Jones (@eflynowenjones) Says:

    Appreciate your situation. My father was the discoverer in 1943

  10. drsian Says:

    Great to see the PDF of the 1992 watching brief on the Great Orme Copper Mines up. Will look forward to seeing more PDF reports as they appear. Please note that in the description on this page (4th paragraph down) it’s described as a ‘watching grief’! Probably an accurate description, but you might want to change it none the less!

    • henebher Says:

      We are working on making all of our unpublished reports available via Archwilio so please keep checking back for more content. The spelling error has now been corrected – thank you!

  11. Rigmods Says:

    this site is just fantastic, Im a keen metal detectorist that follows the rules and a site like this tells me if the area is scheduled or not and what has been found in certain areas aiding my decisions to go detecting. The maps help me locate landowners to seek permissions also. Fantastic!

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